Holistic relationship therapy

First of all, I’m not talking about some "magical" approach here. I use proven psychology technics to work on the mind. But the mind is only one part of a more complex system. What happens in your body and your spiritual self will influence your well-being.

Holistic approach to relationship
Holistic therapy - The mind

The mind

I use different technics and approaches in my practice. Nonviolent communication, the Gottman couple therapy technics, and systemic psychology. I’m always keep updated on new researches and always learn new ways to help my clients.

The body

How you eat, sleep and move will influence your mind. Every case is different, but I’ll often recommend the use of exercises. Breathing yoga, weight lifting, martial arts, and even CrossFit depending on the situation.

Holistic therapy - The mind
Holistic therapy - The spirit

The spirit

Here is one of the less regarded parts of ourselves. Often seen as religious or spiritual, it’s often dismissed by non-believers. But acknowledging your spirit is not as much linked to spirituality that it is to be mindful. And meditation for example can help a lot.