Non-monogamous relationship therapy

Non-monogamy is becoming more and more accepted and that is wonderful. It also comes with challenges that can become difficult to manage on your own. Sometimes it’s easier to work with a therapist that understands the lifestyle.

Kink friendly

Kink friendly

Sexual diversity is completely integrated into my practice. I won’t assume that the issue you’re seeking help with is caused by or is related to your kink. I won’t try to “cure” you of BDSM. I believe all people deserve to meet with a therapist who understands their identity issues and sexual practices.

LGBTQ+ friendly

I don’t think that I should have a section called LGBTQ+ friendly because it should be obvious. Unfortunately, it’s still not obvious for everyone so there it is. I work with EVERYONE. Single, couples, triad, or polycule, regardless of your sexual orientation or your gender.

LGBTQ+ welcome