Online relationship therapy

Based on the Journal of Telemedicine e-Health and the Journal of Clinical Psychology, 44% of clients report positive change after 8 weeks of online therapy compared to 25% doing traditional face-to-face. And that is just the beginning of online therapy.

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Video, chat or email, choose your medium

Outside of planned retreats, I take all my sessions online. It can be video using Zoom, but also private chat using Signal or Telegram (for privacy) or even emails. You will always have a way to contact me and follow up on your progress. Using your phone, your tablet, or your computer.

The advantages of online therapy

The advantages are simple. First, it cost less than your standard session in a city. It’s flexible and adapts to your lifestyle. There is no commute time. You can have your session wherever you are even if all the parties are in a different place.