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Having your landing pages out is a good start but if you really want to convert you will need a little more. Here are the tools we use at Divi Design Service with all our landing pages.

1. A conversion tracking tool

In order to know if your landing page work you need to monitor what your visitor do on your website. Do they click your CTA, where they come from, are they use a mobile or a desktop to visit your pages etc…

But the most important data is, are they become customers? Is your page converting? And the best way to achieve this is by using Google Analytics and setup a conversion tracking goal.

Here how to create a goal in Google Analytics, it’s pretty straight forward:

Create a goal in Google Analytics 1
Once logged in to your Google Analytics account in the left sidebar click on Admin
Create a goal in Google Analytics 2
In the admin area of your account the third column contain the goals section
Click the red button “New Goal”
Create a goal in Google Analytics 4
There is a lot of goals options but for this example let’s use custom
Create a goal in Google Analytics 5
Choose the destination url where the user should land to valid the goal
Create a goal in Google Analytics 6
You can even add a funnel (pages the user need to be visiting before landing to your goal page) before validating the visit as a goal completion

2. A landing page tool

If you read our blog you probably now already know that at Divi Design Service we create and build all sort of websites for you. And to do so we use Divi template which is for us the best WordPress template framework available on the market, period.

Anything you can think about is doable with Divi. You can use it yourself as it has a very simple drag and drop module system and a live design mode or you can let us do the job and let us use custom CSS and more complex ways to work with Divi and make amazing landing pages.

3. An A/B testing tool

Another amazing option from Divi is the A/B testing option on every block. No need to install any scripts or using any software. Just click on the option and activate an A/B testing.

Or, you can go deeper and use Google Optimize! It’s the free A/B testing tool from Google and it’s awesome. I already wrote an article about it.

4. A graphic design tool

Good designs are required if you want to stand out from the crowd! But, you are probably not a designer, right? If you dont want to spend money on a freelance designer and control your creation you can use Canva. But if you can I would recommend you work with a pro. Check on Upwork, there is lot of talented graphic designers there that I’m sure you can afford. Here a ready made search for experienced designer from eastern Europe (which I recommend you work with): Upwork graphic designer form eastern Europe for $10 per hours.

5. An opt-in tool

We use Thrive Leads ($67) and/or ConvertPlug ($10).


Now with those 5 tools, you should be ready to rock and roll! And of course, if you have any questions, just ask in the comment section. What tools did you use?

In case you would like to have us move your website to Divi and speed up your loading time you can get a free quote here or get an honest review of your actual website here.