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Everyone can build a healthy relationship with their

Relationship therapy doesn't have to be scary. It can be a wonderful adventure of self-discovery and growth. I would love to help you on this path.


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Working with locations independent

It can be challenging to find counseling when you are always changing location. I work with ex-pats, freelancers, and other location independents entrepreneurs. The one that needs the flexibility of a zoom call wherever they are in the world.

Online communication-based consultations

I work 99% of the time online using Zoom, emails, and chat to interact with my clients. There are very few differences between an in-person session and a video one. And it allows meeting even if all the parties are in different places.

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Non-monogamous and LGBTQ+ welcome

Some couples have problems with one partner and others with several. The reality of modern relationships is plurals. It is fluid and more complex than what people experienced in the 90.

A holistic approach to relationship

I prefer to see people as a system. Holistic therapy focuses on the relationship between mind, body, and spirit. Its attempt to understand and address the ways issues in one aspect can lead to concerns in other areas.

Holistic approach to relationship

What you’ll get from relationship therapy

Discover or rediscover your relationship's strength and make it better than ever.

Discover the problems

With the help of an unbiased professional, identify particular problems to focus on.

Empathy and resolve

Boost your empathy & problem-solving skills by using conflict-resolution tactics.

Find your strength

Rediscover your relationship's energy & develop a solution-oriented approach.

Restore confidence

To increase vulnerability and restore trust, learn how to use communication tools.

Dysfunctional dynamics

Find out what behaviors are hurting your relationship and work on fixing them.

Ongoing assistance

Live video sessions, messaging, or email provides ongoing dedicated support.

Frequently asked questions

Here some answers to the most frequent questions I get

Are you a licensed psychologist?

No. I study clinical psychology, but I didn’t graduate. I’ve studied with the Gottman Institute, in nonviolent communication and systemic psychology. Feel free to read more about me here.

Can I stop and come back later on?

Of course, there is no contract between us. You can start working with me for few sessions then stop and come back whenever you feel it. Or not.

Do you have discovery sessions?

Not in the sense of having a special price when you are coming for the first time. My prices are the same regardless if you come for the first time or for the third time.

Do you take insurances?

No, I don’t take insurance, but you will find my pricing pretty affordable. If you have difficulty we can discuss a more adapted price.

Can I see you physically?

I’m specialized in online therapy and location-independent people. As for now, I don’t hold office hours, but if we happen to be in the same place at the same time we can figure something. You can see where I’m at the moment on my contact page.

What happens if I didn’t show for a session?

You can cancel your session up to 24h before ends. If you’re not there is no refund. If you do that 3 times I’ll stop working with you.